Terms and Conditions

1 . Terms and Conditions

These general conditions of sale are concluded between :

The company Bbk ,

98 route de Toulouse 33130 Begles, France

Company registered with the RCS Bordeaux under number 522 825 678

hereinafter " Bbk " and any individual visiting and / or wishing to make a purchase via the website www.bbkcreations.fr , this site is accessible via the URL www.bbkcreations.fr

Hereinafter the "User" These conditions aim to define the terms of sale between Bbk and the user, the order to payment and delivery . They cover all the necessary steps for placing the order and tracking of this order between the contracting parties. The order implies the irrevocable general conditions of sale. The terms and conditions may be subject to change, the conditions applicable are those in force on the www.Bbk.fr site at the time of placing the order by the user
Acceptance of Terms

These terms and conditions govern all the relations arising between Bbk - users and customers hereinafter called " the client " through the e-commerce site www.Bbk.com , hereinafter "the site " including, among other , supply, transfer and acceptance of purchase orders and access and use of the site above statement .

By the very fact of placing an order the customer acknowledges having read and accepted these Terms and adhere irrevocably and unconditionally .

These conditions may be modified at any time by Bbk and immediately reflected on the site.

2. trade policy

As part of its e-commerce business and through its website, Bbk offers products for sale to consumers only.

3. Use of the site www.Bbk.com

Access to and use of the site including the ability to download product information and purchase these products on the site is reserved exclusively for the client's personal, unrelated to any business or professional activity.

Each customer is solely responsible for any use made ​​of the data of the site and all information and data to be sent in his care, including data to be incorrect or false, and they are clean the client or for third parties.

The prices of marketed products are indicated in euros all taxes included, and do not include shipping.

4. order

All my orders will be through email.

5. payment

Payments are made by credit card via PAYPAL Euro module or by check.

For more information on Paypal (protection and prevention against fraud, respect for private life), Customer may inquire at the following Internet address: https://www.paypal.com/fr/cgi-bin/ webscr? cmd = xpt / cps / general / Privacy-outside.

6 . Delivery / Shipping

Your orders are shipped via Colissimo without signing in principle within 48 hours or 2 working days for mainland France . For orders to other countries , we thank you for contacting us by mail with the details of your order and the destination country so that we estimate shipping .

Shipping to France : shipping costs calculated on the total weight of your order.

If you change your mind, you have 7 days from the working day following the receipt of the order to inform Bbk and return it at your expense.

Bbk book worldwide . Service delivery is provided by Colissimo . Orders are shipped and delivered throughout the year from Monday to Friday except holidays and the first to August 15 . Bbk does not deliver to PO boxes . Customer selected delivery address when submitting his application , whether it is home or the address of a third party. Bbk is not responsible for becoming aware of these terms and possible consequences of this lack of knowledge by the recipient of the supply in the event that it is not the customer. In the event that the customer has provided a wrong address Bbk , Bbk can in no way be held responsible .

Shipping for metropolitan France vary depending on the weight of the order.

At the time of checkout on the payment module , transport costs will be displayed automatically. This amount will be payable by you in addition to the price of purchased products.

10 . Copyright / IP Policy

Logo, design, text, graphics , photographs, declination pages and all materials used for the creation of the Site are protected by copyright .

Bbk has full ownership of the Site. Reproduction in whole or in part , in any form whatsoever, elements of the Site are always subject to the prior express written consent of Bbk . Only the display of the Site and its content is licensed under use.

Therefore Bbk reserves the exclusive right to authorize or prohibit the reproduction of the Site and its contents , whether direct or indirect , temporary or permanent, in any mode or form, total or partial. Any reproduction must have a lawful purpose and respect the copyright and other intellectual property rights of Bbk and authors of the works contained on the Site.

Are protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right of Bbk and other holders of rights: all items and / or published on the Site, and , by way of example , images, works, dialogues, photographs, music , sounds and videos, drawings, documents, figures, logos and other materials in all their forms, including menus, web pages , graphics , screen colors , instruments, characters and design of the website, the layout, diagrams, methods, functions , processes and software that are part of the Site.

Accordance with copyright , authors may at any time exercise their moral rights ( paternity , integrity and respect of the work) given to works published on this site.

The Customer undertakes to respect the copyright of the artists who publish their works on the site and those who collaborated with Bbk the creation of new forms of expression and / or artistic to be submitted to the public by the through the Site, whether exclusive or not.

The Client is no permission to use the contents of the Site in any manner or form whatsoever . Thus , it is among other things , prohibited to alter or modify the contents and protected works without the prior written consent of Bbk , and if necessary, authors of works published on the Site.

Bbk is exclusive licensee logos published on its website and domain name http://www.Bbk.com . Bbk is entitled to have exclusive use of its brand. Any use of the mark in violation of the law or these Terms is prohibited. The Client may not under any circumstances use the mark or emblem on the Site to unduly take advantage whether those related to the distinctive character or the repute of these distinctive signs , or will prejudice of the hallmarks themselves or their owners.

The delivery time is normally 48 hours working for metropolitan France .

At the time of delivery, if the package is visibly damaged and suggests that the items therein are also the Customer must contact Bbk by e -mail at the following address : Service @ Bbkcom and , within three working days after the passage of La Poste. Bbk be responsible , after verification and survey of the Post Office to send a new shipment to Customer, within a maximum of 15 working days.

When the Customer receives his package and it does not appear damaged, do not show outward signs of damage , it is in any case recommended that the client verifies its contents .

7. Right of withdrawal

Bbk warrants to Customer that the ordered products leave his workshop in the best conditions. However, the Customer has a period of 7 days from the working day following the date of receipt of the goods he wishes to inform Bbk cancel the purchase he has made and to return the product by courier service .

The customer then has the choice of an exchange against another product Bbk, or request a refund of the product price for which he exercises his right of withdrawal.

Customer must return the products to the shipping address at the headquarters of Bbk (Bbk, 98 route de Toulouse, 33130 Begles) within 7 working days of the exercise of his right of renunciation. Shipping and risks of return shall be borne by the Client.

8. Claims and Customer Service

If the Customer is not satisfied with the delivered goods if they wish to return the goods, or if he has a comment to make on its purchases on the Website, the Customer should contact Bbk by e-mail Service @ Bbk.com This email address is being protected from spambots against, you need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail at the following address: Bbk, 98 route de Toulouse, 33130 e Begles, France.

Bbk will endeavor to respond to any complaint or observation at the earliest.

9 . Protection of privacy (conservation and archiving of transactions ) , personal data protection , privacy, security

Data on the Client are essential to process the request personal information . The Customer has a right to access, modify , rectify anddata concerning them. To do so, the Customer may contact Bbk by e- mail: service@Bbk.com This email address is protected against spam bots , you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Bbk is committed to ensure that the confidentiality of personal data supplied by the Client is respected and uses personal data only within a legal framework .

The data collected by Bbk on the Site are used as follows : when the Customer places an order on the Site, Bbk collects the following personal data: name, address and e -mail address of the Client .

Bbk uses the Customer's personal data for the purposes of :

process, deliver and manage the payment of the order : it is necessary to collect information for the distance selling, this information is essential to the processing and delivery of orders as well as preparing invoices . If the Client does not communicate his personal data, the command is not properly executed ;
better understand the market needs in terms of products and services, to manage the offers by conducting the analysis and processing of data in its possession ( eg statistical analysis of site visits in order to improve the content, services and products ) ;
send information on products or promotions to the Customer;
may contact the Client if a problem should occur with the order.

Based on data provided by the Customer , the Bbk contact occasionally by e -mail , mail, phone or fax.

If the Client wishes to modify its personal data or no longer wish to receive information Bbk , it may do so by writing to the Bbk mail or e -mail address listed below . Bbk take the necessary measures to amend ordata from its client database.

Bbk is and will remain the sole owner of the information collected on the Site and will not sell, rent, or disclose this data to a third party not directly related to the activity of Bbk .

Personal data is stored in computer databases Bbk and will eventually be used by Bbk as described above.

Bbk not communicate in any case the Customer's personal data without the consent of the latter to a third party having no direct connection with its business, unless Bbk should be legally obliged legally - procedure . However Bbk communicate data Client subcontractors acting on its behalf , such as delivery services or Secure Internet Payment . These third parties will use the personal data of customers on instructions Bbk under concrete or delivery order, and will not be allowed to use their own name or transmit to other parties.

Bbk use the Customer's personal data in the context of the policy described herein . By buying this Site, the Customer accepts that their personal data are used by Bbk in Accordance with this policy. In the event that a change in this policy should intervene Bbk show changes in these conditions.

If Bbk would wish to use the Customer's personal data otherwise if - described Bbk notify the Customer to mark its prior written consent to the extension of the use of such data.

The data stored by Bbk reflect those that the Client sends him and , to that extent , are correct. The Customer has the right to receive a copy of the stored data. It can write to Bbk the address below . Bbk undertakes to amend ,or remove the personal data contained in the database after any written request to carry it .

Address: Bbk , 98 route de Toulouse , 33130 Begles, France

E -mail: service@Bbk.com

11 . connections

The Site may contain hyperlinks ( "links" ) to other websites , they have a link with Bbk or not, and vice versa. Bbk can in no way be held responsible for conditions of use and sale specific to these other sites, for example relating to confidentiality or policy regarding the processing of personal data carried out on these other sites. It is the Customer to inform conditions of use and sale of each site. These Terms apply in effect until http://www.Bbk.com Internet site.

Therefore, it is not for the client to see , in the activation of links on the Site , recommendation or advice Bbk on access and browsing these websites , nor any guarantee given their content, services or goods offered by them.

Anyone wishing to activate links to the home page or to other web pages listed on the website should contact Bbk at the following e -mail contact@Bbk.com This email address is protected against robots spammers , you need JavaScript enabled to view it . . The activation of a hyperlink with respect to the Site http://www.Bbk.com requires the prior written consent of Bbk . Any link activation is granted by Bbk for free , temporary and non-exclusive . It may be withdrawn at any time by Bbk who will inform the applicant in writing .

Bbk has the right to oppose the activation of direct links to the Site or terminate any such activation when the applicant who wishes to activate a link to the Site, adopted in the past or adopt unfair trade practices or not consistent with industry practice or unfair competition actions towards Bbk or its suppliers or actions discrediting Bbk . In any event, the activation of deep linking ( deep kind of frames or deep links) to the Site or unauthorized use of metatags , is prohibited without prior written consent of Bbk .

12 . Warning contents

Bbk took every precaution to prevent its Site contains elements that describe or represent scenes or situations that would shock or other sensitivity Client or would go to the physical or psychological violence against the rights of the rights or human dignity in all its forms and expressions.

Bbk does not guarantee that the contents of the Site are appropriate or lawful in countries other than Belgium. Assuming similar content would be considered illegal in some of these countries , Bbk requests the client does not access the Site. If the Customer wishes nevertheless access , the Customer will be solely and personally liable for any visit and / or use of the Site .

Bbk also took all necessary precautions to ensure that its customers that the information contained on the Site are correct and do not contain inaccurate or not updated information. Bbk can not however be held responsible for any inaccuracy or lack of information published on the Site Bbk elements , apart from its liability for willful misconduct or gross negligence or if the law requires a broader responsibility.

Bbk makes every effort to ensure that customers continued access to the Site. However, BBk can in no way guarantee that the Site will operate continuously, without interruption or errors or malfunctions due to the Internet connection as well as the need toits website regularly.